Mission Opportunity in Noblesville, IN

Who: Briarwood members/attendees and their families. A diverse group of people from all ages are needed to participate. There will be opportunities for children to senior adults to serve. At least 30 people from Briarwood are needed to serve on this mission’s opportunity.


What: Briarwood will be helping our church planting partner, Restoration Church, to promote and host their very own “Pumpkin Palooza” outreach event for their community. Briarwood participants will partner with members of Restoration Church to promote the event, set up for the event, man the different activities at the event, clean up the event, worship together on Sunday with Restoration Church, and have a fun local experience in Indianapolis.


When: October 8-11, 2021 This is Oconee County schools Fall Break. It is a perfect time for Briarwood families to make a commitment to take their families on this awesome opportunity to serve Jesus together with our brothers and sisters from Briarwood and Restoration Church.


Where: Restoration Church in Noblesville, IN. Noblesville is the county seat of Hamilton County, a suburban area about 30 miles outside of Indianapolis.


Why: To engage more people at Briarwood with our church planting partnership at Restoration Church. To come alongside Restoration Church in reaching the community of Noblesville, IN with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To give opportunity for Briarwood members and attendees to live out being sent on mission as described in Acts 1:8.


How:   a. Transportation – This is up to you. Noblesville, IN is about a 9-hour drive from Watkinsville, GA. You can choose to fly. If you are flying, you will need to be responsible for renting a car while on the trip or organizing with another trip participant for transportation while in Noblesville. Participants will need to be in Noblesville by Friday afternoon.


b. Housing Accommodations – There are 3 different housing options. Some people will be interested in staying at Restoration Church. This will require you to bring an air mattress and everything you need to “survive” for 3 nights of sleeping on the floor of church classrooms. There are showers available at the church as well. You can book a nearby hotel. Depending on interest in staying at a hotel we will try to book a block of rooms together for our team at a hotel. Each person will be responsible for paying for their share of the hotel expense during the stay. We are getting 2 cabins (1 male and 1 female bunk room) at a nearby retreat center for some. (12 spaces available for the cabins.)


c. Food – There is a kitchen at Restoration Church that where will provide breakfast and prepare some meals for the team to share. There will be a few times when we will go out to eat so you will need to be prepared to pay for yourself and your family.


d. Cost Breakdown – we are asking each attendee to pay a $40 “participation fee” on top of transportation and housing accommodations to help pay for shared meals, supplement event expenses, and other expenses as they come up. Here is the breakdown for each of housing options. This does not include travel expenses.


-Staying at Restoration Church: $25 housing fee (Briarwood will total those staying at the church and give this fee directly to Restoration Church to help cover any costs that come up from having people stay in their building for 3 nights) and the $40 participation fee. Total: $65

-Staying at a local hotel: This is a cost breakdown for 1 person in shared hotel rooms. For 4 people staying in 1 one hotel room for the 3 nights each individual will be responsible for $105, for 2 people staying in 1 hotel room for 3 nights each individual will be responsible for $210. Add the $40 participation fee to the housing fee. Total: $145 (for those staying in a hotel room with 4 people) $250 (for those staying in a hotel room with 2 people)

-Staying at the Teter Retreat Center: $60 per person and the $40 participation fee. Total: $100


*Those driving together to/in Noblesville together will be expected to chip-in to cover the expense of gasoline while on the road.

*There will be an optional “fun” outing on Sunday afternoon that will have an additional cost…there will be more details to come about this soon.


***Please do not let financial lack keep you from participating with this missions’ opportunity. If you are interested in participating but are unable to pay, please email Pastor Joe Fraser.

Tentative Restoration Trip Schedule:

*daily schedules can change


October 8-11, 2021


Friday, October 8:

 By 4:30 pm arrive at Restoration Church in Noblesville, IN

5:00 pm team briefing and pray together for the weekend

6:00 pm dinner together at Restoration Church

7:00 pm team retires to their individual housing accommodations to get settled for the weekend and rest


Saturday, October 9:

 7:30 am team gathers for breakfast and team huddles at Restoration Church

8:00 am–12:00 pm Pumpkin Palooza promotion team goes to Farmer's Market

8:30 am–12:00 pm Pumpkin Palooza set-up team prepares for the event

12:00 pm team lunch at Restoration Church (last min assignments given and prayer together before the event)

1:00 pm-2:00 pm last min set-up/calm before the storm

2:00 pm-4:30 pm “Pumpkin Palooza”

4:30 pm-5:30 pm clean up and breakdown “Pumpkin Palooza”

6:00 pm Dinner Out (groups can choose where they want to go in Noblesville)

Around 8:00 pm team retires to their individual housing accommodations for the night.


Sunday, October 10:

8:00 am team gathers for breakfast at Restoration Church

9:00 am prayer time in Worship Center with the Restoration Church team

9:30 am worship and fellowship with the Restoration Church family

11:30 am pizza lunch at Restoration Church

12:15 pm-8:00 pm fun outing and dinner out

Around 8:00 pm team retires to their individual housing accommodations for the night


Monday, October 11:

Travel back to GA